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Spring Applied Brake KEB COMBISTOP

KEB COMBISTOP are electro-magnetically operated two-part spring-set brakes for dry operations, whose brake force is generated by springs and cancelled by electromagnetic forces. The proven spring applied brake is used in applications where rotating masses must be slowed down or shafts need to be held in position.

Our standard program consists of:

  • Minibrake KEB COMBISTOP M
  • Holding brakes for dynamic applications KEB COMBISTOP N
  • Holding brakes for static applications KEB COMBISTOP H
  • Holding brakes for protection class IP 66 KEB COMBISTOP P
  • Holding brakes for mounting of tachometers KEB COMBISTOP T
  • Double brakes for theatres, lifts and elevators KEB COMBISTOP D
  • Elevator brakes D8 KEB COMBISTOP L

we also offer special designs for your specific application needs.